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August 2011


Lördagsunderhållning: Evolution – det handlar inte om styrka, det handlar om reproduktion

En av de vanligaste missuppfattningarna om evolutionsteorin är att det handlar om “de starkas överlevnad”. Som föreläsare måste man därför konstant påminna om att det är reproduktion som är den centrala variablen. Här är en tysk musikvideo (på engelska) som påminner om den poängen. Det finns en förklarande text under videon. Från hemsidan Darwin Rocks!

After 127 years Professor Darwin returns in his laboratory working on his theory to find out that some people interpret his statement “survival of the fittest” as survival of the physically strongest”. He wants to prove experimentally that this is not quite correct.

Darwin looks through a microscope into a petri dish, which scientists usually use to keep bacteria or small worms. Surprisingly, there is a soccer field on the dish. The game starts: An orange and a purple team, men and women in both, begin to play. The purple team is very strong and sporty, and eclusively focused on winning. The orange team is clearly inferior, but they help and care for each other. Back in his laboratory the professor makes some notes.

The next time we look at the soccer field 25 years have gone by and most of the players are now old. The purple team is still better, but the orange team has grown and kids are now playing with them. In the third half, again 25 years later, the purple team is now even older and they have become quite frail, they are almost at the end of their lives, one player has to be carried off the field.

The orange team, on the contrary, has proliferated: They have loved each other and produced children. The older players live on in their children and win the tournament by surviving, not as single individuals, but as a big family.

This is, of course, a reason for Professor Darwin to celebrate with his colleagues. Finally, he could prove what he had always said: It´s not about power, but about reproduction and love. Only then can you win in evolution.

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