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October 2011


Katolska kyrkan i Spanien i traffickinghärva – stal 300 000 barn

Katolska kyrkan tycker att de har bra etik och moral – så bra att de tycker att alla bör följa den: mission! Eftersom man har så bra etik och moral har man till exempel skolor för små barn där dessa kan skolas i katolska läran. Av samma anledning har man stulit 300 000 barn från deras mammor och sålt dem. Av samma anledning har man … vänta lite, vad var det där sista? Säkerligen kan väl inte DET vara sant?

Men jodå, i alla fall enligt BBC. Så här skriver the Mail Online.

Up to 300,000 Spanish babies were stolen from their parents and sold for adoption over a period of five decades, a new investigation reveals.

The children were trafficked by a secret network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns in a widespread practice that began during General Franco’s dictatorship and continued until the early Nineties.

Så fint. Franco och Katolska kyrkan i skön förening.

Randy Ryder som nyköpt

Several mothers say they were told their first-born children had died during or soon after they gave birth.

But the women, often young and unmarried, were told they could not see the body of the infant or attend their burial.

In reality, the babies were sold to childless couples whose devout beliefs and financial security meant that they were seen as more appropriate parents.
Many mothers who gave birth there claim that when they asked to see their child after being told it had died, they were shown a baby’s corpse that appeared to be freezing cold.

The BBC programme shows photographs taken in the Eighties of a dead baby kept in a freezer, allegedly to show grieving mothers.

Dokumentären heter “This World: Spain’s Stolen Babies” och visas imorgon på BBC2.

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