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February 2014


Crowdfunding: Divine Placebo

På grund av en tillfällig lönelucka så har jag dragit igång en Crowdfundingkampanj så jag kan skriva en ny bok: Divine Placebo. Här kan ni stötta kampanjen.

Och här är en kort presentation vad boken är tänkt att handla om, på engelska (eftersom jag tänkte skriva på engelska).

Divine Placebo
Scientific studies have found measurable effects of sham treatments on several different ailments – placebo effects. Religious rituals often invoke very similar mechanisms as those used to invoke such placebo responses, including suggestion, trust in authority figures, generated expectations and classical Pavlovian conditioning. In this way placebo (beneficial) and nocebo (detrimental) effects may function as religion’s stick and carrot, something which may have expedited the spread and maintenance of religious beliefs and rituals across human populations.
Importantly, placebos can provide actual benefits, resulting in both immediate and evolutionary advantages for people who are persuaded by pretend treatments and religious practices. This indicates real benefits of gullibility and suggestibility in humans, providing an explanation of the universal spread of religions across human populations. In the final chapter of the book I will discuss potential methods to harness the power of placebo for the benefit of the ever growing number of people who are not religious.
The field of evolutionary research on religion is exploding, with new research groups, journals and papers emerging all the time. Thus, there should be a ripe market for a book reviewing and summarizing a novel general argument. I plan to write the book in English, in an easily accessible manner and with an anti-theistic slant, tapping into the large audience reading atheistic literature.

Stötta projektet här.

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